Thursday, September 10, 2015

Citizen of the World

"There is the top tier of crème de la crème shopper who has so much wealth that they are unaffected by day-to-day market slides and generally detached from the realities of economy; a second tier made up of those who are wealthy and so loyal to their luxurious lifestyles that they would only consider a halt to spending if something desperate personally affected them; the third are those who can afford luxury purchases once in a while and the fourth tier of shopper can treat themselves to discounted luxurious items, entry level products like purses or lower-luxury brands such as Coach and Michael Kors.   While a Coach coat can easily cost more than £1,500, it is not deemed to be luxury brand by those whole typically embrace Hermès."     -- 2015 September 10  TELEGRAPH

Asia’s Growing Ranks of Rich Top North America

China’s economic boom spurs increase in wealth in Asia-Pacific region

A study released Tuesday shows that the Asia-Pacific region now has more rich individuals than North America for the first time.
Thanks to rising wealth in China, India, Indonesia and Thailand, the region had more millionaires than the U.S. and Canada, according to study released by Capegemini and RBC Wealth Management. 

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