Thursday, July 18, 2013

TaiTai 太太 Shops Carpets

2013 September 24

Excellent response at the IDSwest.   

2013 September 16

Here's a few more pictures that we took from our visit.


2013 August 28

On the weekend we visited the showroom on the Westcoast and viewed some carpets.   Run-of-the-mill they definitely are not.   People were buying the samples so the supply is getting depleted.   Not intended to be a retail outlet but some of these cannot resist.   These are not ordinary.

Look at the texture of these contemporary carpets.  Stunning!

Here is a less expensive line which they developed and launched in Europe in 2013 which is selling very well.

2013 July 18
We had a preview In July when the goods arrived which is how we got these pictures.

I am teaming this Beijing based carpet manufacturer with a business genius in North America who moves a container of goods from Asia every two weeks to North America.   90% of their business is in the U.S.   10% to Canada.  

A container of carpets just arrived last week.
Last weekend brainstormed a variety of opportunities in North America.

Already they have a showroom in Germany that has been operating for decades + highly successful.   Three designers in Italy are part of the Creative Team.

As you can see just still setting up.  

They currently manufacture for  United States.

They have partnerships in Nepal, India & Turkey.

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Stay tuned...

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